Crystal Ridge

Banff Yoho & Kootenay National Park

hughes.ts , Monday 1st March, 2021 8:27PM

We observed swirling winds with strong gusts from the N / NW. We had anticipated winds from the SW with the approaching storm system but where we were it didn’t materialize. Some isolated small wind slab formation observed on NW aspects (see pic). No whumpfing or shooting cracks, and the snow pit we dug showed no reactivity or fracturing in a compression test. Extreme swirling wind gusts and increasing snowfall when we got to the car at 2:30 pm. -10 C at the car at 09:30, near zero C at 2:45pm. Ski quality was just OK. Heavy wind effect in the more open gladed areas on the SW aspects we descended.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Heavy, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Stormy, Warm, Windy. We rode: Mellow slopes, Open trees. We avoided: Alpine slopes, Convex slopes, Steep slopes. Riding quality was ok.

Avalache Conditions: Rapid temperature rise to near zero degrees or wet surface snow.


No result from a compression test. Observed a crust layer approximately 3cm thick down 25-30cm, non-reactive.


Strong swirling winds from the NW, extreme gusts.