Illecilleweat Moseying


zacharystephenmiller , Tuesday 27th February, 2024 8:10PM

Skied up and around the Illecillewaet Drainage today with lovely views and soft snow. Beauty of a day to be out in the hills! We dug a quick pit at 2035m on the way up to Lookout Col after noticing a more prominent recent wind slab below the new snow. The wind slab was unreactive in tests (ECTX) but the facet-crust combo did give us a heads up with a PST 30/100 END result (pictured) and was buried 70cm deep… it ain’t dead yet! Given that pesky layer, we kept our slope angles low as best we could and only hopped in short steep supported slopes if necessary. No obvious signs of instability noted and folks seemed to be skiing steep bold lines in the area without consequence.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN