Tryst Lake Easter Goodies


j.m.sedran , Monday 1st April, 2024 7:20PM

Overall a good day at the chutes. Rode 2 laps in the north facing chutes. Snow was deep and solid. Witnessed sluffing in steeper slopes. Photo of a avalanche earlier in the day in super sloper. First have of the run was sun crust and rocks 2nd half was wet and heavy. Looks like sloper has the Feb and March crust both slide. Thin pack. Heading to sloper we figured it would slide if it hasn't already. Dug a pit on a similar aspect and the ect showed it cracking but not propagating on the February crust. March crust was solid due to the warm weather. ECTN 23. A small CT was done in the run itself and the solid heavy layer of the recent snow slid on the 12th tap.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN