Goods still to be found

North Columbia

ianjjoliphant , Friday 17th May, 2024 7:20PM

Tons of the white stuff came down over the past 36 hours. ~30cms and a nice -4 at 7am this morning with intermittent snow periods throughout the day. Peak temp right around 0, but precip didn’t switch to rain at any point (above 1700m). Majority of snow that came down during the day was sz 1-2 graupel. Winds blowing W/NW up to 15kn overnight. Ridgetops are wind affected, westerly slopes are wind pressed while easterlies are loaded. Prominent slabby characteristics on E slopes by 4 pm this afternoon, but couldn’t get much to move (didn’t try that hard…). All in all if ya like cream cheese and a good time, there’s plenty of sledding and skiing to be had up here at the moment. Road up is seeing some erosion, take it easy. Spoke with a crew who dropped cars below 26 where main erosion is, and sledded up the rest of the way.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN