The Pillars / Field of Dreams

Little Yoho

Brett G , Saturday 4th March, 2023 9:40PM

Rapid temperature rise. Leaving the car it was -12C. At the base of the climb it was about +5C in the sun and -1C in the shade. No wind in the valley. The approach snow turned from unconsolidated facets in the mooring to sticky, heavy, moist snow in the afternoon. the left side climb: There are large cracks running across a various elevations though they appear to be healing. Another party said there is a big loose looking block at the anchor and the anchor needs updating. Field of Dreams: Great ice. Climbed well. Stopped short of the top ledge and didn't go to the anchor so Berkshire could see climber. we did a naked thread to rappel. Fantastic setting on a perfect blue bird day.

Weather conditions were: Sunny.