Black prince area


Dug 2 pits today at 2200m TL. HS approximately 170cms in this region. The SW aspect pit had 2 strong temperature crusts in the top 30cms. One of which was a 2 cm ice crust. This SW pit also had a CTM 11 RP down 60cms. The 15cms of new snow skied well over these crusts. The W aspect pit just below ridge line had a relatively less obvious temperature crust down 20cms. No results on CT and ECTX. Top 20cms of new snow, then 10 cms of 4F, then 50 cms of 1F, and then into facets. Failures in the facets with shovel shear test. Surface snow was low density powder above 1900m on polar aspects. Higher density snow below 1800m on all aspects , and getting moist by mid afternoon in solar aspects. No wind in this area at TL and BTL. Light flurries all day. -4 degrees at 2200m at 1pm. Zero degrees at 1800m at 4pm. Clouds all day with brief sun appearances. All in all conditions seemed excellent.