Lakeside Bowl

Sea to Sky

mparkes , Saturday 15th January, 2022 6:10AM

Snow conditions were: Crusty. Riding quality was ok.


8cm crust from the recent rain, with rain runnels on top, was not supportive on foot, but supportive to skis both skinning and skiing. Under this is variable thickness 1 - 3cm decomposing storm snow (1F), and another thinner 2cm crust. Beneath this is 4F - 1F variable density, mostly right side up but with a less dense layer around 80 - 120cm down. A crust at 135cm has facets over the top. The bottom of the crust wasn't observed. CTM (RP) on multiple layers 15 - 25 cm down. CTH (RP) down 32. ECTP13 down 23 ECTN 11-18 on other failure layers from CT DTH 25 (RP) down 130 on facets above crust.


2.5 slab in the closed slopes N of DOA. Observed Thursday after the storm. Wayne Flann was off to take photos so I'm sure it'll be in his blog today!