F150 and Trailer pushed off road

South Coast Inland

Camel , Thursday 6th January, 2022 7:50PM


KM 3.4 Upper Lillooet FSR, en route to the Hurley sled parking an avalanche that started as high as 1200 eleation hit a a moving f-150 with a 20 foot trailer on the road at about 270 m asl. The size 2 to 2.5 pushed the truck off the road and buried it up to the top of the door. The trailer was completely buried, also off the road. Debris was 20 m wide and on average 150 cm deep m deep across entire road, stopping in the outside ditch. Driver uninjured, one side of the truck was damaged. Suspect inversion contributed to Na avalanche. was 0 deg at 1400 m but never went above -10 at road.. Expect more slides to affect the road in the next week with warming temperatures.