Ice - ETC. Chantilly Falls

Grant P

**Approach. In good shape and well packed. Fire road from the parking area had some icy sections in the morning but far softer when leaving. Ice bridges mostly intact still. **Climb in good shape and takes good pro. Ice still has a blue tinge but is barely just starting to get a little bleaching from warmer temps. First pitch had good swings. Second pitch has more fracturing. Over the course of the morning the ice got a little wetter but dry lines to be had. Upper pitch on the left edge had very lacy steep ice that was actually dry but you wouldnt be able to use screws in it, good screws further right. Pick your grade and steepness. There are steeper lines and easy climbing to be had depending on your chosen line.

Riding quality was good.


Mostly sunny skies with occasional clouds and short clouded over periods. Temps started cool but there didnt seem to have been a very cold overnight freeze. Warmed up throughout the morning to well above freezing.