Dog Leg - persistent slab is alive and well


benjamin.yeager , Saturday 24th February, 2024 7:00PM

Went up Glacier Crest to ski the Dog Leg. Opted to do a belayed ski cut and produced a size 2 avalanche that started right in the choke point. It ran full feature, 50-60 cms deep. Storm slab that failed on 5 cms of facets above the Feb 3 crust. We skied crusty bed surface down and out of the feature and avoided the steep moraines at the bottom. There was 30-40 cms of powder at Ridge top, with a moderate easterly wind blowing snow up the slope. No other skier triggered or natural avalanches observed, but suspect they are out there! It’s head up hockey out there, keep your head up if you’re crossing the middle!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN