Due to a pair of skins that would clump up regardless of 4 types of skin wax we applied travel at Valley bottom was slow. Valley bottoms had 100cm of snow. 200cm- 240cm of snow on the Drummond glacier with no open holes on the standard route but are visibility was poor. Looking toward Cyclone an Pipestone mountains there was a lot of ice and a few holes. We went south to north and if there is powder on the north aspects this is a good way to go. Remote triggered a size 1 wind slab from reverse loading on SE aspect at 2500m. 30m by 10m long, 30 to 70 cm deep. Miminal freeze Friday night at 1900m. But good above 2100m. Lots of whumpfing below the toe of the glacier on the Se aspects. Trail was occasionally unsupportive on the exit back to mosquito creek late in The day yesterday. Decsent off the north aspect was great with no slabyness.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN