Spring Fling


alex , Wednesday 13th March, 2024 9:05AM

The snow was less affected by the warm temperatures from the previous week than expected. There was pinwheeling on steep southern slopes that increased throughout the day with few small point-release, wet-loose slides. The sleds would push large amounts of wet storm snow on mellow southern slopes. A 2cm crust was forming on the surface in isolated SE aspects that gathered in front of the sleds. Lots of terrain covered and test slopes performed with no cracks or slabs observed. Including witnessing another group of four climb a 35-45 degree avy path from 2000-2200m. Moderate NW wind transfer observed at ridge top. Dug in the snow @1850m on a North aspect at the top of a cut block to observe sudden results in a compression test down 70cm on the persistent weak layer with well preserved stellar flakes and surface hoar up to 3mm. Partial fracture on an extended column test but no propagation. Melt freeze crust is down 80cm. A hasty probe observation indicated 70cm of facets at the base of the snowpack sitting on 10cm of firmer snow.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN