Rollies in the Rockes

North Rockies

northrockiesfieldteam , Saturday 9th April, 2022 7:10PM

While there were signs that warm temperatures had reached far up the mountain, riding was surprisingly good today at Mt West. 20cm of new snow has fallen over a variety of surfaces ranging from wet snow below treeline to a moist crust up to 1500m. Above this, it sits on dense old snow that made for deep feeling riding and great travel. Winds were light and had not formed the slabs in the alpine we had expected. We had no results with sled cuts and saw no recent avalanches, but did note a few cornices collapses that appeared to have happened during Thursday’s warming. We played on a variety of steep smaller slopes and theough dense timber looking for the best powder. Overall it was a good day of late wintery riding conditions.

Snow conditions were: Heavy, Powder. Weather conditions were: Stormy, Warm. We rode: Convex slopes, Open trees, Steep slopes. We avoided: Alpine slopes. Riding quality was good.