7 steps of paradise


Demonic Pancake , Saturday 6th April, 2024 7:05PM

Under moody skies We walk with candor on corn One step to heaven
Isothermal snow up to the alpine. The cloud cover kept things mostly cool. The lower elevation snow was corny and sweet. Egress from Aslugan is as good as it gets. Easy and fast. It was awesome to "skate ski" out (wish it was groomed) Before the summit of Youngs, the top layer is 45cm of well consolidated and coldish snow sitting on what looks like rounding facets from a previous crust. Easy/mod hand shear result. Ski penetration was 5 to 10cm. 5 to 20cm surface slab on youngs head wall made the skin track a bit sporty with some cookies breaking in the corners. No signs of instability or propagation whatsoever, but fun to poke around. Two fresh size 1 to 2 wet lose from steep terrain at treeline below the hut Awesome to ski at all elevations and no crust today :D

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN