Mini golf tournament cancelled due to whumfing!


Demonic Pancake , Wednesday 6th March, 2024 7:25PM

We were planning to check out the bowl and moraines below Avalanche mountain and ski some mellow terrain. As we were breaking trail on the first few moraines, the skin track collapsed a few times. We felt 3 whumpfs and we stopped at a high point before getting exposed to the bigger central moraine. Height of snow probed at 280cm and foot penetration 50cm. No signs of wind effect (@2280m) We went up the overlook ridge and skied some trees instead. We heard a few more big whumpfs coming from the surrounding area while we were in the ridge. Small and quick test pit late afternoon at the top of the ridge in the start zone was upside down. New snow sitting on new snow F on top of previous storm slab 4F+ / 1F- sitting on top of a thick layer of facets F. Crust was 60cm down. We only did a single column test and got CTM 14 SP down 30 on surface hoar. The column fully slid off.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN