Brandywine Ice Cap

Sea to Sky

ghelgeson , Saturday 30th March, 2019 1:55PM

We had an incredible day exploring the Brandywine Ice Cap with unlimited visibility. We saw a TON of terrain, riding from staging to Ring Lake via Chocolate Bowl, returning via the S-Chute. In all our travels, avalanche activity was almost non-existent. The exception were a few small wind slabs (photo 4) in north facing alpine terrain that are at least 72 hours old and some loose wet activity (photo 3) to size 1.5 on steep south and west facing alpine terrain. Both are the kind of thing you would expect in the spring. It felt like “go-time” to us so we explored far and wide. (photos 1 & 2) High elevation north facing terrain (above 2000 m) is still harboring 10 to 20 cm of cold snow. You may find small rider triggerable wind slabs in steep terrain, and south faces heat up quick, but now is probably the time to think about teeing up the big lines you’ve been dreaming of in pretty reasonable riding conditions with low avalanche danger.

Weather conditions were: Sunny. We rode: Alpine slopes, Convex slopes, Steep slopes. Riding quality was good.


50.13086700 -123.25128200

Brandywine Ice Cap

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN