Decker Main

Sea to Sky

peteranowicki , Monday 8th April, 2019 7:10PM


Went to ski decker main. It was somewhat wind loaded, my buddy and I discussed safe points and the possibility of skiing the whole line without stopping if it was safe. He dropped first and made a 20ish m ski cut across the right half of the face, nothing happened. He started skiing down, snow seemed pretty stable so he skied all the way to the bottom. I dropped in and cut across his ski cut and then made a few turn on the right of his line. Snow was variable so I traversed over to the left side of his track, where it looked more consistent. As I was traversing the snow suddenly fractured 1or 2 m above me and propagated 30 m to the left with about a 15cm crown. I tried to continue traversing and get off the slab, but I didn’t have enough speed. The snow started pulling on my skis, one came off. I was able to self arrest, and pick my way down on one ski to collect the other after the snow settled.


50.06854081 -122.85935281

Decker Main

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN