A Sea of Sastrugi


jamesminifie , Sunday 14th February, 2021 8:55PM

Hard surfaces abound in White Pass but oh the views!! We could see Fairweather from our vantage today! -34C at the highway pushed the relatively warmer air (-15C) to 1600m. We did some filming on higher, south facing slopes and it was quite pleasant. A light, gusty at times, south east wind was present most of the afternoon though snow available for transport is not a thing. Surfaces are a variety of wind board with impressively tall waves of sastrugi in places. We did not see, nor hear, nor feel any signs of instability and happily boot packed and edged our way across many old wind slabs on steep convexities.

Snow conditions were: Hard, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cold, Sunny. We rode: Alpine slopes, Mellow slopes, Convex slopes, Steep slopes, Sunny slopes. Riding quality was ok.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN