Paddy East


derek.cronmiller , Friday 26th March, 2021 8:45PM

Fun skiing on Paddy East. Skied the wide couloir draining the cirque on the north side of the peak. Soft but supportive snow all the way up. New wind slabs tested were unreactive. Not much active wind transport despite strong southerly gusts between calm. Compression test at the top of the couloir gave moderate results at ~15 cm (5 whacks from the elbow), stubborn hand/shovel shear testing. Spring conditions below treeline by afternoon, heavy snow, pinwheels, etc. A few small point releases from sun exposed rocks. Small rockfall from the highway cutslopes on the drive home.

Snow conditions were: Heavy, Powder, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cloudy, Sunny, Warm, Windy. We rode: Alpine slopes, Steep slopes. Riding quality was good.