Fraser Ridge/Chutes


joubert.erika , Sunday 16th February, 2020 6:45PM

We were treated to some decent visibility this morning so got up a little ways onto Fraser Ridge. The ridge was windy and cold but ski conditions surprisingly good. Approx 10cm of powder over some consolidated snow and a bit of crust on the ridge. Some rocks still. The ridge seemed to have some wind slab and was windy/freezing so we didn’t go too high. The riding quality improved in the trees with thigh high blower pow. No signs of cracks or whumphing, no evidence of recent slides, but we did hear one large boom from down the valley, which I assumed was highway blasting. Snowed lightly in the afternoon. No wind on Fraser chutes side.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder. Weather conditions were: Cold, Cloudy. We rode: Mellow slopes, Open trees. We avoided: Steep slopes. Riding quality was amazing.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN