Nicci's notch/cheopes nth entrance

Glacier National Park

christopher.g.wills , Saturday 9th April, 2022 5:05PM


Objective was to ski Nicci's Notch. First skier entered the convex roll which is often used as both the lower entry for cheopes north bowl and nicci's, small slab avalanche was triggered and propagated above the skier two turns down the slope. The slab propagated around 10m wide, crown was 15-20cmcm deep and the avalanche ran around 20m down to the bench above the couloir. Skier went for a small ride but was unharmed. New snow and strong ridge top winds would suggest soft wind slab? The group decided to abandon the Objective. On the way out through Connaught we noticed multiple fresh size 1-1.5 avalanches through both Niccis and North bowl.