Beautiful sunny day in the Bonney area, Rogers Pass.

Bonney moraines, Rogers Pass Glacier National Park

Sylvain Hebert , Monday 11th April, 2022 5:15PM

Started our day from the Loop Brook parking area with the option to go up the Lily glacier or towards the Bonney moraines. We boot packed up the "elephant trunk" to get off the valley floor. Definitely easier (and safer) than skinning up as the snow surface was slick and hard for skinning, but just soft enough to boot pack. Above in the trees, The well used uptrack was hard and icy, it was easier to make our own trying to keep a flat ski on the hard surface. We didn't use ski crampons but they might come handy these days. As we exited the trees, we opted to make our way towards the Bonney thinking that it might be a little less windy. We could see snow being blown around at ridge top from the N wind and the wind was blowing at lower elevations too. Instead of uptracking to reach the top of the lookers right moraine, we boot packed up towards it for about 10 minutes as the crust was just supportive enough but too hard to get a ski edge in. The older up track going up it looked too steep and icy. Good skiing in the moraines, with 10cm of fluff on a 5cm crust that was just supportive enough. Low angle skiing was the ticket. We didn't make it to the glacier, but it looked very good and not really wind affected. We didn't go above 2200m where the crust probably disappears on northerly aspects. Cornices are lurking above... We came down the way we came up and the snow/crust didn't really soften up until the valley bottom. We side-slipped down the "elephant trunk"as the snow was just grippy enough. Caution there is warranted (both on the up and down) as there is a serious fall potential in the creek.... Several parties were skiing in the Bonney moraines and the Lily glacier but we didn't see anybody on the Bonney glacier. We spoke to a party that had skied the Lily and they reported good conditions except near the very top due to wind slabs. Photos: Bonney glacier and the solar slopes above the moraine leading to the Lily.

Source: Mountain Conditions