Emerald Peak

Little Yoho

wseah , Saturday 30th March, 2024 8:05PM

Attempted to summit Emerald Peak, turned around 50m from the summit due to warming. Broken clouds kept things cool for the most part in the alpine, but the sun was definitely felt when it poked through and surface snow began to moisten by 1 pm. Some point releases off steep rocky terrain seen throughout the day, and as the snow warmed up small localized slabs (~5-10cm) began giving way as we broke trail. No whumpfing or shooting cracks observed. Skiing was generally pretty good, 15 cm powder on crush from 2500m to 1950m, then a tricky, grabby crust from 1950m to 1700m. Got pleasantly surprised with some corn skiing below 1700m all the way to the lake. No other parties seen all day.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN