Blacksmith Ridge


sfluker , Saturday 23rd March, 2024 7:55PM

HS 108 at 2130m east aspect just lee of ridge top. 28cm of low density storm snow on the March 20 temp crust. Crust was about 10cm thick here. Feb 3 interface @ 60cm. CTM12 BRK X2 @ 40 to 45cm in the December depth hoar. On the third column test, I only cut to the Feb 3 interface down 50cm. CTM13 RP in the facets just below the Feb 3 interface caught my attention. Bottom 40cm of snowpack is very weak depth facets that appear to have gone isothermal in the March 15 to 19 heatwave. March 20 temp crust supports a light touch in boots, but any force applied and you sink to the ground.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN