Ice - The Professor Falls

Grant P

**Approach. Road is mostly bare asphalt to the fork then mostly snow or ice after the right turn. Mostly packed and rideable in the morning but some sections got boggy after the day warmed up. Beyond the kiosk was a mix of bare trail and ice. Studded tyres to ride or micro spikes to walk would be nice. **P1 has good ice, good pro, nice swings. A wee bit drippy on one line. P2 got brittle but dry on the left line. Wetter over right. P3 mostly dry. P4 had a featured line middle right with good pro. The party behind us chose the left line. My right side line had a little bit of wet, left looked dry but less featured. The small step above P4 was easy but wet. From there we walked up higher. The little steps you normally go up are fully buried in avi debris. Although there is no sign of avi debris at the top of P4 there is a lot of debris on the short walk above it. The debris leads you to what is looking like a very much thinner than usual step. Besides the thin step it looked like huge avi debris above with a wall over 2m of avi debris. We turned back halfway up the avi debris. This huge amount of debris was not from this week but probably bigger than class 3 and from the last big avi cycle.


The morning was warming but then the wind picked up making belays chilly again. Packing up in the sun after was quite pleasant.


Class 3 ran onto the short walk above P4 where it ran out. The avi time/date is not true but I had to use a date.