West Nadahini Creek


AlexWray , Sunday 14th April, 2024 9:40PM

Day 1 of a few weeks in the area for our crew. In lieu of recent reports, and with a shortish timeline, we went out with an assessment mindset to do some snow science and a bit of recon in front of Nadahini / two sisters. A profile dug on an E aspect at 1380m (graphed below), found a thin crust (down 23-24) overlying a facet layer down 24-30. CTH 23 (30) SP. We also performed an ECT, resulting in a surprising ECTX. A hasty pit dug on E aspect at 1050m found another crust below this same facet layer, with the facet-lower crust interface failing on column isolation. These facets are our primary layer of concern, and we are interested in more obs on the distribution of the aforementioned lower crust. We did not observe any new avalanches.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN