Bonnie Moraines Stormy Day


m.figueiredo , Saturday 24th February, 2024 6:50PM

Skiing was better than expected, quite good until 1400m. There are a lot of tracks on some sections and there is some dust on crust. It snowed the whole day, heavy at times. Vis was poor on the moraines. Snow was sticky on our skins in lower sections, the skin track was variable with hard crust on dense treed areas to deep powder on open areas.
We performed two tests on a moraine with 30 degree incline. The top 25 cm fractured both times with an uneven break, CTE8 and CTM12. Below this layer there is another 20 cm that was unresponsive, and then a thick melt-freeze layer extending for at least another 60 cm.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN