North aspect Smith Dorian


stephen.beatty , Saturday 30th March, 2024 9:50PM

Found a north facing slope that slid in previous avalanche cycle. Dug a quick investigation pit on the ascent @2000m, E aspect open trees, low angle, non-avalanched. 200cm snow height. Top 70cm fist grading to 4finger over Mar 23 crust (supportive 20cm thick pencil hardness). Facets on Feb3 were decomposing and starting to bond. Probed below Feb3 crust - layered facets and thin crusts to ground. No tests done. North aspect stayed cold and snow quality was fantastic. Clear skies, winds light,SW, but looked stronger on peaks above. Temp -6c at 12:30 @2050m on end of decent. No whumps or signs of instability observed during travel or ski route. Watched one size 2, loose dry, out of E-facing steep unskiable terrain in morning sun. Entrained storm snow on slope below, but didn't propagate along the slope. Debris stopped once angle reduced.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN