Morris Glacier basecamp

Northwest Coastal

yan.kaczynski , Monday 25th March, 2024 8:15AM

High pressure made for ideal conditions for a basecamp and high glacier runs. It allowed us to ski several big lines around the Morris glaciers, the highlight being the North Face of Morris (also called Mainstreet by NEH) from the true summit, also its just as big East Face. Conditions were mostly corn, especially on the way back Sunday midday on Superbowl and Geronimo, otherwise a mixed of corn and wind affected hardened snow (although really enjoyable) above and beyond Superbowl. It’s still winter on the high summits of Morris and South Morris with drastically colder temperatures and snow. In general, a skiable crust was found above a considerable amount of powder snow, making us question some line selections for stability. There was one new size 1 hard slab avalanche on South Morris from Saturday, otherwise all the other avy activities seemed to date from the recent major avalanche cycle we had. Great start of the ski basecamp season!

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN