Quartz Ridge


Went up Quartz Ridge in SSV backcountry as a party of 4 and rode the Col Inbetween Quartz hill summit and Quartz ridge. (2504m) Travel up until the start of the ridge traverse was well packed in. Approx 6-12cm of low density snow sitting at top of a supportive crust. (2230m) Snow below ridge was great and felt stable, up until topping out where the wind effect was highly noticeable. (2300m-2500m) Light to Moderate winds held steady on ridge top. No notable pockets of windslab observed/triggered Quartz hill Summit block looked to be quite wind swept. Some of steep snow sections appeared to be pretty hardpack/bulletproof Skiing was great all the way back to the meadows. Sunny, cold day with moderate solar input. Temps held around -5 to -3 up until peak afternoon,where the warming was more notable in the snow.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN