Peak 1945


AlexWray , Monday 15th April, 2024 9:40PM

We went out in search of some low angle skiing on Peak 1945. Sun and wind was the name of the game. Moderate to strong northerly winds overnight packed a firm wind skin onto southerly aspects, which then grew moist in the top 3-5cms by mid afternoon. A pair of quick pits dug on an E aspect at 1200m found a sun crust buried 10-15cm. This sun crust was slightly reactive on tests with: CTM14 (13) SP, H21 (15) SP. The lower facet layer produced CTH28 (65) SC. We also has ECTX. We experienced 3 whumphs throughout the day we figure this was the sun crust settling, and not a deeper layer. Across the valley we saw a (likely) cornice triggered avalanche around a size 2, on a rocky N aspect. Forgot to take a photo :(

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN