Hollyburn and Christmas Gulley

South Coast

bluebery , Wednesday 6th March, 2024 8:30AM

Incredible riding conditions on the shore Tuesday. 30cm on unconsolidated fresh powder on top of the recent 100cm+ this week rode well at treeline and below in sheltered and shaded areas. Ski cut a few times on convex rolls at hollyburn summit N-ish aspects and snow remained unconsolidated (no cracking, whumfing, or slabbing). N/W shaded turns down hollyburn remained similarly. Rode a bonus lap E from Strachan, found some bad breakable sun crust. Lots of 15cm looking crown lines on steep S treeline face of Strachan. Christmas gulley itself had a bit of debris and a decent amount of ski tracks. Rode pretty well too.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN