Teddy Bear Trees - should have packed a snorkel


benjamin.yeager , Monday 11th March, 2024 5:50PM

20-30 cms of recent snow made the ski quality in Teddy Bear Trees incredible. Significantly more snowfall than anticipated! Photo shows accumulation on the hat from a 30 minute walk. It snowed anywhere from 2-5 cms an hour for most of the day. Around noon there was a brief period of strong winds in valley bottom out of the SW that was transporting lots of snow and knocking off lots of tree bombs. The snowfall ended around 1400 hrs and we had a good window of visibility. There was a loose dry cycle to size 1.5 in steep terrain TL/BTL in areas travelled. There is a sun crust down 30-40 cms that is most prevalent on steep solar aspects, and the new snow was most reactive as loose dry where it is on this crust. We had some evidence of the new snow forming into a storm slab with cracking and cookies breaking on unsupported pillows. The new snow is very low density and suspect it will form into a more reactive slab as it settles in the next day or two.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN