Bruins glacier


Demonic Pancake , Saturday 17th February, 2024 7:50PM

Nice day out at Sunny Connaught ski resort, and awesome snow on Bruins glacier (extreme mini golf quality 🤘) About 20 cm of cold and fast surface powder. Mostly wind transported but with little slab properties except in some specific areas and features where it had more cohesion. E.g. There was a recent a small size 1 wind slab that ran from the 8812 headwall onto the previous ski track. Probably yesterday. The glacier is obviously not well covered and there are still lots of crevasses and exposed ice. To access the ridge and 8812 peak at this time you would have to navigate several bigger crevasses with narrow bridges on the way up and down and with more exposure to wind slabs and steeper slopes. The snow on the boot pack to the peak looked very marginal and unpleasant to ski. There were several S1 loose dry from steep and shallow solar features, some that got close to the skin track.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN