Skiing and pit near Marry’s Run

Northwest Coastal

julian.krick , Sunday 1st March, 2020 8:05PM


Dug a little training pit today on NW aspect at 1115m elevation in the Shames backcountry. Pit was about 1.20m deep. Slope about 30-33deg. Column test gave two fractures. First fracture occurred on second tap from elbow at ca 50cm depth from surface. Interface was not a clear hoar or crust layer. Snow density appeared to change around fracture. Continued test and second clear fracture occurred on fourth tap from elbow at about 80cm depth from surface. Fracture surface looked very similar to first one. Didn’t appear to be hoar or crust layer. But again, density of snow appeared to change around fracture. No other results. A first glaze the entire column looked unsuspicious. No drain the layers. Density in general increasing with depth, except for 1-2 slight variations, where snow appeared to be less dense.


Between 12 and 17MST, about 20-30 cm of snow fell on elevations between 700-1200m. Flake size ranged from large and fluffy to small and icy. Wind was moderate from SW to W.


54.50445375 -128.96181196

Skiing and pit near Marry’s Run

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN