Mild McCrae

South Columbia

ghelgeson , Friday 2nd April, 2021 7:10PM

We went hunting for mid-March surface hoar and wind slabs today but really didn't find either. There's a thin crust all the way to 2100 m, still good on a sled but not great skiing. It feels like there are not avalanche problems at this time at and below treeline. There are the omnipresent cornices in the alpine, but that's a given. Had good visibility and didn't see any recent avalanches. Until we get more snow, the mountains feel like they're in a holding pattern. There really isn't any snow available for transport at the moment, that could change Saturday night though. Yes, you may find the odd isolated wind slab in more extreme alpine terrain, but otherwise travel is good and the snowpack is deep. The shear in the photo down 30 cm was stubborn, not really an issue at the moment.

Riding quality was ok.