Ice - ETC. Moonlight and Chantilly

Grant P

Mild temps have seen the ice in good shape. Travel has made the lower pitch picked out. Screw quality was almost all good. The entrance to the cave was very drippy. I had waterproof pants and that was a good thing. My jacket wasn't a hard shell but held up ok, a hard shell would have been nicer. Most of the climb was reasonably dry though. Approach is fully packed down and all snow bridges on the creek were in good shape. 100+ hikers were on the trail throughout the day looking for their Insta-famous waterfall pics. Unfortunately many of them are unaware of the dangers of falling ice and will walk below you oblivious to the serious hazard falling ice poses to their life and limb. Someone is going to get hurt.

Snow conditions were: Wet. Riding quality was amazing.


Quite a mixed bag of weather. Driving down Hwy 40 there was a little mist of rain. The walk in was dry but overcast. We got some sun appear on the first pitch. By the last pitch it clouded over and we got a short spell of light snow but no noticable accumulation. By the time we left it was about 70% cloud and 30% blue sky. Temps were +7c at 7.30am and +5c when we returned to the car around 3pm. Winds were mostly on the light side but strong on the walk out. Strong enough for the second short snow spat that the snow was not quite horizontal into our faces so maybe influenced by the cliff line but it was coming from the NW.