Cayoosh summit

South Coast Inland

Lionel Jensen , Sunday 1st March, 2020 9:25PM

Had a look at summiting Cayoosh. Pulled the plug at the final headwall below the summit owing to cornice developing along the top of the ridge and obvious wind slab hazard. Stopped on a moraine on the way up to dig a pit, SE aspect 2000m 38 degree slope. CTM13 down 25cm and CTH23 down 65cm. Evidence of one past small sluff near the summit, no other avalanche activity observed. No whoomphs, shooting cracks or hollow sounds. Snowed lightly during the day with intermittent moderate winds. 5cm on the car at the end of the day. Snow quality was great on the glacier, surprisingly really good down lower in the trees as well. Great turns on the way back down the glacier, finished the day with a tree lap back towards the car. Snapped splitboard. Trees > Splitboard.

Snow conditions were: Powder. We rode: Alpine slopes, Dense trees. Riding quality was good.


50.40179999 -122.50766689

Cayoosh summit

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN