Twin Cairns


Spent the last three days skiing around sunshine. Wednesday I skied the north and west aspects off of Twin Cairns. Great dust on crust conditions and a great freeze. Circled back out via the Healy pass trail. The trail is covered in tree litter and looked disgusting but travel supportive and not too sticky at 1 pm. It has seen some hikers and would not recommend it and that's before the rain. Thursday went back to Twin Cairns and skied west, SE and nw aspects but avoided travel below 2250m as the freeze was pretty weak. Good skiing in the alpine but some breaking through the crust at 2300m by 11am. The alpine was greet corn skiing at 1130am. Friday I stayed inbounds as there was no freeze below 2500m and it was raining in the village. By the end of the day there was 10cm of wet snow at the top of divide chair. Groomers and well travelled mogels skied great. A cornice collapse above the dive scrubbed to ground. An wet loose size 2 above the bourgeau water fall scrubbed to ground today.