Glacier Crest

Glacier National Park

nathanppage , Monday 22nd March, 2021 2:40PM


One skiier triggered accidentally on appx 40° slope. Observed on our decent down following a similar line as a party ahead. Thankful no one was caught and we got that information feedback before we rode that particular slope, and any similar angled slopes. Occured on a convexity. Our out tests at varying elevation produced mostly sluff type avalanche. We did see a sudden planer result after 15 smacks during a crude column test. We didn't take it too seriously tho honestly given the more stable results we had been getting. Honestly a good lesson learned for me on bias. Failure very obviously along the strong melt/freeze/rain crust. It appears to have been storm slab, but that area was open and would have seen wind also. Hope this helps and happy riding!