Ice - Kidd Falls

Grant P

**Kidd Falls looked to have both pitches but the bowls above had snow. **For anyone looking for shorter easy ice, the curtain down and left of Kidd Falls known as the Devonshire Wall, looked to have a fair bit of ice this year. **These observations were made from the car without stopping to look closer. YMMV


Avalanche itself was not observed. Debris was easily visible below Kidd Falls. Observed from the car as driving north on 40. It looked to have come from above the climb but I could see no obvious signs in the highest bowl. Whether it started in a lower bowl or has become drifted in again up high I don't know. I thought that while something has run over the climb and down the drainage below, it certainly looked like there was plenty more above the climb. Debris observed around 1.30pm but time of avi is unkown.