Mid mulligan snowpack

Sea to Sky

rob.morrison.h , Tuesday 21st December, 2021 4:40PM


Dug a pit north facing 1330m in an open section around 20°slope. -5° @ 1230pm Snowpack depth 190cm Crust layers down 105, 110, 112 Very thick crust layer down 135-137, 4 cm of 4F facets below CTM18RP Down35 -maybe wind deposit? Coverage isn't quite ready for the big lines it looks like. The North trees are just filled in enough with the right line. Mamquam is a sheet of ice with tracks driving off the road everywhere, and the turn off is probably un driveable past the first corner, about a foot of hardpack on the road by 500m


At 1230 digging my pit @1330m it was -5 and some cloud. By 1:00 at 1460m it still appeared to be -5 but misting rain, full overcast When I left at 2:00 the misting was changing to small pellets. The mist warmed up the snow enough to make major tree bombs, some pin wheeling, walking out in peanut butter, and half melted the hoarfrost all around- nice!