Babine mountains Dec 28

Northwest Inland

Aaron Trowbridge , Tuesday 29th December, 2020 10:00AM

Long day traverse in the Babines on Dec 28 in good visibility able to observe a wide range of aspects and elevations. Defining wx condition was mod to strong NW winds with significant saltation (see sunrise photo), valley fog and clear skies above. Inversion did not really materialize, or at least wind chill kept it quite cool. 3 natural avalanches observed, 2 windslab on SE aspect at Tline (sz 2, very large blocks) and lower alpine (sz1) both heavily loaded from recent NW winds. Both have drifted in so likely a couple days old? One sz 2.5 cornice failure on N aspect. One cornice has rebuilt. large blocks running a fair distance. Alpine snow depth and surface conditions highly variable, classic shallow faceted with rock exposure and pockets of deeper sastrugi etched hard windslab. Very faceted surface snow, although very small particle size. No whumpfs, no cracking etc on our ski, crusts carrying travel well at 'deeper' treeline snowpack. No pit or test observations.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN