Miner's Gully


pocketjerky , Thursday 28th March, 2024 4:05PM

We skied Miner's Gully today and despite underestimating the coverage on the ascent (micro-spikes and running shoes would have been better than skinning for the hiking trail), had a great time. We experienced short convective flurries and intermittent cloud throughout the day but luckily the clouds broke right after we transitioned and we had good visibility for our descent. We found a thin, breakable crust at the col with a few cms over rocks and old debris higher up, but once we regrouped below the choke the skiing quality improved considerably and we got some great turns in. The Feb 3 MFcr was supportive to skis and we saw no recent signs of instability at any point. Exiting out of the drainage was a little spicy with fairly low coverage and a lot of bushwhacking. The fixed rope at the second rock band no longer exists - we didn't have a rope with us but managed to get through unscathed. In hindsight bringing a short length would have been a good idea. All in all an excellent day.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN