Joffre Lake to Mt Tszil

South Coast Inland

josh.hirshberg , Thursday 12th March, 2020 10:30PM

Skied Mt Tszil From Joffre LK TH. Near and above treeline most surfaces were wind affected but generally soft. Found less significant wind effect than compared to Blackcomb sidecountry.

Snow conditions were: Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Cold, Cloudy, Sunny. We rode: Alpine slopes. We avoided: Convex slopes. Riding quality was good.


On N-NW above 2000m- Hand sheers were moderate, planar, somewhat rough/RP down 10cm on 3/10 DF. Did not find SH at 3/10 interface.


Natural cornice triggered wind slab. In cross-loaded, unsupported terrain. Likely ran midday 3/11.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN