Test profile near vermillion crossing

Jesse Aj Scotland


Test profile near vermillion crossing March 22nd 2020 at 10:30am, sunny shoulder likely prone to wind deposits from the ridge above Aspect ne Elev 1950m Angle 40degrees Temp -3 degree celcius SKY 2/8th Precip nil Wind light south Hs 240 15cm of fist to a quickly settled pack that was pencil+ to the last 10cm, abit of a crystal change and density change but very little. 10cm snow temp was - 5.4 and 20cm snow temp was - 6 Ctn Dtn Side notes Temp - 15 at 8:30 am and +5 at 2:30pm at the car Not much of a crust present. Where it was by the days end still hadn't broken down much unless it was in the valley bottem. Noticed Size 1.5 slab avalanche likely sympathetic from loose wet in an east facing path start from mid path, likely 50cm deep, 50m across but could not see how far it ran. No new snow from last night. Stayed very sunny n calm today and surprisingly cool despite the sun's effort, likely the angle and aspect has alot do to with the preservation of the snow currently.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN