Hero's / Sweet 16


Skied up Hero's Knob, descended Sweet 16. Uptrack is well-set and icy in most parts, some of the switchbacks are in need of some love. -2 at the car, light layer of cloud to keep the hard sun away. Calm winds until above treeline, then moderate with gusts but not sustained. Anything south-facing in this area has had at least something wet-loose slide down in the last few days, lots of pinwheeling everywhere you look. There was a cornice failure from the shoulder of Mt Smith Dorien that caused a size 1.5 on the east aspect coming down into the bowl south of Hero's col, probably in the last 1-2 days. The snow coming down the top of Sweet 16 is pretty bad, wind-hammered but still broke through the crust occasionally, pretty grabby skiing. We tried around skiers left but no better. After the main pitch the snow quality improved to dust on softer crust, much more pleasant turns. 4-5 other groups in the area.

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Hard, Wind affected. Weather conditions were: Sunny, Warm. Riding quality was ok.