Kan problems


CT at 2500 SE aspect Rain crust persists well above the supposed 2300m mark HS 90-110 Top 15-20 1 finger unconsolidated Next 10-15 2 finger windslab Next 10-15 facets (size unknown, smaller than last year's base) 45 down raincrust Started failing at 8 on facets, took a few more smacks, looked initially a bit planar but then mostly crumbled. (Sorry, count goes off, my friend skipped a few of the teens) 23 significant planar shear in the rain crust Western slopes had more significant windslab, more hollow, wasn't on them for very long so didn't hear whumpfing Northern aspects had less snow, everything was sliding right off the raincrust Riding wasnt shabby but snowpack was not confidence inspiring

Snow conditions were: Crusty, Powder. Riding quality was good.

Source: Avalanche Canada MIN