Deep Pascale

South Coast Inland

koenig.verena1984 , Monday 8th March, 2021 3:30PM


I am having trouble posting on the min! Observations from chief Pascale area : (I am also not a professional so please excuse simple lingo) single Column test, NW aspect at 34degrees at 1835 m.boot pen 80cms, Ski Pen 45 cms, dug to 150cms, probed well over 330 cms, CTM 23 at 95cms old windslab with newer snow interference broke uneven, popped fairly easy with shovel tilt, snowpack seems to gain uniformity but PWLs should not be underestimated for the future. Winds light, minus 5, S3-4 starting at 1200, storm slab developed about an hour after snow started . Ski quality was amazing. No ski cuts were performed- stated conservative in supported terrain