Seven skiers A-sulkin’


Cabin Fever , Monday 10th April, 2023 3:10PM

[wind] We came into the Asulkan hut on 04/08 around 1pm to constant high south winds. Gusts overnight and winds highest on 04/09. [ shooting cracks ] Shooting cracks observed on 04/08 and 04/09 just skinning around the hut premises. No shooting cracks observed today 04/10. [temps] Temps have been rising slighting from below freezing on 04/08 to slightly above freezing today. [snowfall] Overnight on 04/09, about 8 cm of snow at hut pausing morning of 04/10. Light snow starting at 11am again today and has been steadily falling. Prior to evening of 04/09 snow was blowing sideways, hard to tell if it was new snow or wind drift.

Snow conditions were: Deep powder, Wind affected.